Prof. Hakeem Ibikunle Tijani

Prof. Hakeem Ibikunle Tijani

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The Distinguished Asante Research Award recipient, The University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, Professor Tijani was the pioneer Deputy Vice Chancellor, dean of arts and Education, and the director of  research, grants and linkages atAdeleke University before joining National Open University of Nigeria. During the last twenty-nine years of teaching, research and mentoring, he taught in Nigeria and the United States of America at all levels of tertiary institution. He is the author of many scholarly works including Britain, leftist nationalists and the transfer of power in Nigeria. A Commonwealth Scholar, Bernadotte Schmidt and Harry S. Truman Research recipient, Professor Tijani currently serve as the Vice President of the Historical Society of Nigeria. His research interests are: history of international organisations, the Cold War, decolonisation and nationalism, labour education and security, constitutional development, foreign policy of Nigeria, migrations and regional integration.

  • Teaching and Research
  • Course Developing
  • Grants and Linkages
  • Cold War Politics and Africa
  • International Organisations
  • Foreign Policy
  • Constitutional Development
  • Nigeria Labour and Security
  • Diaspora and International History
  • Peace and Conflict Resolution





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  • Vice President, Historical Society of Nigeria
  • Sub-Committee chairman, ICT University, Nigeria
  • Chairman/Member, National Universities Commission Accreditation
  • Member, General Labour History of Africa
  • Visiting Professor/External Examiner for Postgraduate Studies