Mr. Wilson Friday, Ohioze

Mr. Wilson Friday, Ohioze

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Ohioze  Wilson  Fridais  a  lecturer  in  the  Department  of  Economics,  Facultof  Social Sciences, National Open University. He is a member of the Nigerian Economic Society (NES), and is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Lagos. His research interest is in Health Economics (with focus on Healthcare financing), Public Sector Economics, Development Economics and Econometrics. His erudite works have been published in top Nigerian journals.





  • Course Material Development
  • Setting Tutor Marked Assignments (TMAs) and Examination Questions
  • Marking Examination Scripts
  • Ad-Hoc Responsibility, such as coordination of scripts marking at marking venues


• Health Economics

• Public Sector Economics

• Development Economics

• Econometrics





  • Ohioze, W. F and Uwazie, I. U. (2016). Health-sector Performance in Post-Independent Nigeria: A Comparative Impact Analysis of Two Regimes.African Journal of Sustainable Development, (6) 249 – 266. Ibadan: Sapphire Press.
  • Bakare-Aremu, T. A., Bashorun, O. T & Ohioze, W. F. (2013). Economic Development in Nigeria and Efficient Capital Market: An empirical investigation of its barometric stance. Yaba Journal of Management Studies, 9(1), 126 – 136.
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  • Uwazie, I. U., Ndukwe, D. N., & Ohioze, W. F. (2016). Solid Minerals Development, Diversification and Nigeria Economic Growth. Journal of Economics and Business Sciences, vol. 3, No 3. Imo State University.
  • Ohioze, W. F. (2016). Population Growth, Conflicts and Food Production: Is Nigeria Food Secured? Journal of Economics and Business Sciences, vol. 3, No 3. Imo State University.
  • Adesina-Uthman, G. A., Ohioze, W. F. & Olusanya, O. S. (2016). Massification of Higher Education for Human Capital Development in Africa: A focus on NOUN – A Chapter in a Book. National Open University of Nigeria .
  • Full Member, Nigeria Economic Society (FMNES)
  • Analyst on Economic issues