Mr. Abiodun E. Adams

Mr. Abiodun E. Adams

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Lecturer I

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My name is Adams, Abiodun Emmanuel, a lecturer (1) (Biology Unit) in the department of Pure and Applied Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, National Open University of Nigeria. I have a bachelor of Science degree in Crop Protection and Environmental Biology; M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics; and an M.Sc. in Cell Biology and Genetics (Environmental Biology). I am presently pursuing a Ph.D degree in the area of Environmental Biology. My area of interest is Environmental Biology; Ecology and Toxicology. I am a member of the Faculty of Science Committee on Quality Assurance; member of the Faculty Committee on Admissions;  Faculty representative to the University board of SIWES; the Faculty representative to the Senate of the University; and the Head of Biology unit in the Department of Pure and Applied Sciences. I am Forty (40) years of age and happily married with children.





  • Head of Biology Unit, Dept of Pure & Applied Sciences.
  • Faculty of Sciences SIWES Coordinatior and Representative to the University Board of SIWES.
  • Faculty of Sciences Representative to the University Senate.
  • Member, Faculty Committee on Quality Assurance.
  • Member, Faculty Committee on Admissions.





  • Environmental Biology.
  • Ecology.
  • Toxicology.





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  • Adams, A. E. (2008). “Crop-Weed Interaction: A Case Study of Okra and Waterleaf”. International Journal of Environmental Science, 4(4): 45-47. 
  • Adams, A. E. (2014). BIO 102: General Biology II Course Material. National Open University of Nigeria.
  • Adams, A. E. (2014). BIO 210: Seed Plants Course Material. National Open University of Nigeria.