Dr. Uzoma Amos Dike

Dr. Uzoma Amos Dike

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Lecturer I

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Writing and reviewing of course materials, online facilitation of courses, Student’s Project Supervision, setting examination questions with marking guides, marking of examination scripts. Religious Department’s Admissions Officer I, Public Relation Officer I, Examination Officer II and Faculty Rep to NOUN Quality Assurance Unit and Faculty of Social Sciences. Member, Faculty of Art Academic Welfare Committee. 





Old Testament and gender studies





Books already published:

Dike, U. A.  et al (2016). Africa Study Bible. Geneva: Oasis publishers.

Dike, U. A. (2016). Providence and the Reception and Exercise of Spiritual Gifts.  Keeper of the Keys. Ed. B. F. Fubara-Manuel. Presby Press: Calabar. Pp. 71-101.

Journals (Peer Reviewed)

Dike, U. A. and Dike, A. F.  (2017). Hesed (covenant loyalty) and its Implication on Marriage, Divorce, and Separation in African Culture: An Exegetical Study of Hosea 6:4-6. African Journal of Biblical Research. Biblical Research forum of Nigeria (BRESFON). Vol. 3 & 4.  pp. 174-192.

Dike, U. A. (2018).  Gender Roles, Politics and Christian Ministry. International Journal of Gender and Development Issues. Institute of Women, Gender and Development Studies, Federal University of Technology, Owerri. Vol. 1. No. 8. Pp. 226-234.

Dike, U. A. and Okwueze, M.I.  (2019). Intended Allegory or Literal Reading of the Song of Songs: An African Reader.  Africa Journal of Biblical Research, Biblical Research forum of Nigeria (BRESFON). Vol. 5. Pp. 175-201.

Dike, U. A. (2020). The Biblical Deborah: An Inspiration to Womanhood for Sustainable Development in Nigeria. International Journal of Gender and development Issues (IJGDI) Vol. 1 No. 9, pp. 148 – 158.

Dike, U. A. (2021, April.) An Exegesis of Genesis 1:27-28; 2:20b -23 and its Implication for Gender Relations and Sustainable Development Goal. International Journal of Biblical and Cognate Studies Vol. 3:1, Pp. 43-58

Dike, U.A. and M. I. Okwueze (2021). Sex Education: Ancient Israel and Igbo Traditional Practices. Journal of Religion and Human Relations Vol. 13:2. pp. 313-330

Dike, U.A. (2021). Justice as Panacea to Stability in Nigeria: Reflections on Psalm 72. Journal of Christian Religious Studies, Vol. 8. September. Pp  61-75.

Dike, U. A (2021). Exile and Migration: Ancient Israel’s Experience and its Relevance to Nigeria’s Socio-Economic and Political Development. Centre for Excellence in Migration and Global Studies, Vol. 1:2 August. pp. 225-247.





Assistant National Coordinator, National Open University of Nigeria Christian Fellowship. Member, Faculty of Arts Academic Welfare Committee  (2019 - ).

Ordained Minister of the Word and Sacrament, Presbyterian Church of Nigeria (2003 -).