Dr. OSIKOMAIYA, Mojisola Olufunke

Dr. OSIKOMAIYA, Mojisola Olufunke

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Dr Osikomaiya M. Olufunke is a lecturer in the Department of Arts and Social Sciences Education, Faculty of Education, National Open University of Nigeria, Abuja (Lagos Liaison Office). She was a Lecturer at Tai Solarin College of Education and Tai Solarin University of Education from 1999 to 2017 before she transferred her service to NOUN. She is an erudite scholar who taught at primary, secondary and higher institution levels. She participated in training programme for teachers such as “Eko Project”, Train the Trainers for Primary School Teachers across the nation organised by Federal Government and National Teachers Institute. She is a researcher, a writer and an editor. She has published severally in local and international journals. Her area of interest is in Language Education (English Language) / Applied Linguistics–Reading skills.





(a) Officer in-charge of English Language Education Programme

(b) Officer in-charge of Teaching Practice Exercise

(c) Officer in-charge of Post Teaching Practice Exercise

(d) Facilitator of GNS & EDU courses at McCarty Study Centre

(e) Project / Teaching Practice Supervisor at McCarty, Lagos, Apapa & Mushin Study Centres.

(f) Officer in-charge of Departmental Moderation Exercises

(g) Online Facilitator of EDU728 course



Language Education (English Language) / Applied Linguistics – Reading Skills






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