Dr. OPARADURU, John Onyemauche

OPARADURU, John Onyemauche

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Dr. Oparaduru John Onyemauche hail from Ndiama –Ezeoke Nsu in Ehime- Mbano Local Government Area in Imo State, Nigeria. I was born in the year 1972 December 30th.  I am happily married and blessed with three children, two boys and one girl.  I am the first son of my parents.

However, I started my educational pursuit from Ndiama Primary School Ezeoke Nsu where I had my First School Leaving Certificate in the year 1984. I also had my Secondary education from Nsu Comprehensive High School Umuanunu where I obtained my SSCE Certificate in the year 1995. Thereafter, I went to University of Lagos Akoka, Lagos from 2003-2007 and  got my First Degree BA.Ed in Guidance and Counselling /Igbo  with Second Class Upper Division. While I was still running for my first degree, I got a scholarship to run a programme with the Institute of NIIT Surulere Lagos where I acquired High Diploma Certificate in Microsoft Technologies in 2007. I also, proceeded for my Masters Programme with same UNILAG from 2009-2011 and got my M.Ed in Guidance and Counselling with Psychology with Distinction 4.76CGPA.  However, without much delay I gained my admission to run for my Doctorate Degree in Guidance and Counselling with same UNILAG and finished in a record time of 3 years i.e 2014-2017 respectively.

While I was training myself, I got employed with Sam Kelechi Nursery and Primary School Lagos as Primary six teacher. After a while, I got another employment with Cubic Private School Lagos where I worked as; Primary six teacher, HOD`S, Head teacher and eventually became the first Pioneer principal of Cubic Royal College Lagos who have produced SSCE students who sat for their exams and passed excellently without any form of malpractice.  I also contested election in the Nigerian 2019 General Election for the office of Imo State House of Assembly to represent Ehime-Mbano Constituency. Fortunately, I later secured my employment with National Open University of Nigeria as a Lecturer to actually fulfill my dream in life as an academia and researcher.

As a professional Counsellor , Educationist and Researcher,  I belong to some Professional bodies such as; Counselling Association of Nigeria (CASSON), Association of Professional Counsellors of Nigeria (APROCON), Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN), Association of Professional Counsellors of Nigeria (APROCON) Lagos State Chapter,

The International Society for Policy Research & Evaluation in School-Based Counselling (ISPRESC)

 I have also attended some educational conferences/seminars. Among them are as follows; The 1st State Conference of Association of Professional Counsellors In Nigeria (APROCON) In University of Lagos (5th – 7th, November 2019.

National Open University of Nigeria, Faculty of Social Sciences. Research Culture Intervention Workshop (9th-10th October, 2019.

APROCON Annual International Conference (July 30th-August 3rd 2019 In Portharcourt)

APROCON Annual International Conference  ( 31st July- 4th August, 2018 Abeokuta, Ogun State)

APROCON  Annual International Conference ( 2017, Lagos).

Counselling International Conference (20th – 27th August, 2016.)

Skills Training /Workshop ( Counselling Association of Nigeria Lagos Chapter CASSON) 10th&11th Nov., 2015.

Nationwide Capacity Building Exercise for Teaching Staff of Private Schools in Nigeria. ( Centre For Educational Development Abuja) 2nd May, 2015.

Live Television Presentation on Vivid View Ehiliz Television Programme as Guest Speaker on the topic “Misuse of Power & Authority” 21st February, 2015.

 Spark School of Entrepreneurship (2nd May, 2011)

National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS)

 Nigeria/Ghana Private Schools Education Summit (9&10th October, 2008) In Lagos.

As an individual who loves his community, belongs to some of these Organizations for community service purposes;

Nsu Economic Council – Member

Nsu Development Union Lagos Branch – Secretary

Ezeoke Welfare Association Lagos Branch- Secretary

SMAC Group of Schools – Education Board Member

SMAC Group of Schools – Utility Chairman.







  • Observation and Application of all desiring skills and competencies in Practicum I & II respectively.
  • Adequate communication skills in the course of therapeutic interventions.
  • Creation of an ideal Counselling Environment
  • Observation and adherence to the ethics in Counselling
  • Ability to prepare very good Counselling Practicum Kits to enhance effective Counselling session
  • Administration, Scoring, Analysis, Interpretation and Reporting of Psychological Tests.
  • The use of Psychometric Test and Inventories in choosing a career.
  • Use of some relevant theories that explain the choice of career in Nigeria.
  • Use of various methods of disseminating career Information.
  • Establishment of the role of parents in the career choice of their children and subjects combination.
  • Ability to use both tests and non-test instruments in solving a desiring client’s problem(s).
  • Strategies in handling problems faced by students in Higher Institution in relation to their career choice and possible solutions.
  • Planning of Career Time Line
  • Adequate planning of career “Day” or “Week” in Institutions of Learning.
  • Ability to handle issues as relating to Adolescent and Home Relationships, School Environment, Social Relationship (Sex and Aids Education).
  • Ability to give answers to some other common questions which bother the Adolescents.
  • Organizing Practical Counselling Aids and Approaches Towards successful Management of Adolescents.
  • Provision of Counseling Service in the school and non-school setting.
  • Ability to generate general hints on the organization and administration of Guidance and Counselling Services in Schools.
  • Ability to keep and maintain the school Counsellors’ Records.
  • Ability to conduct Quality Research Works both in Educational and Non-Educational settings and present Report in its logical Methods.



I have the ability and potentiality in Delivering Lectures/Teachings covering the following Courses and Titles as well as using their knowledge in solving everyday life Challenges. Those Courses are as follows:-

  • Growth and Development of a School Child.
  • Abnormal Psychology.
  • Vocational Development and Career Information.
  • Group Procedures/Dynamics in G&C.
  • Guidance &Counselling in Nigeria Education.
  • Sex Education & Marital Counselling.
  • Research Methods in Education.
  • Quantitative Research Methods.
  • Testing and Non-Testing Appraisal Technology.
  • Theories and Practice in Counselling.
  • Practicum in Guidance and Counselling I & II.
  • Behaviour Modification.
  • Theories of Personality.
  • Application of Quantitative Methods in Education.
  • Research Projects.



  • Planning Windows 2003 Server Network Infrastructure.
  • Administering SQL 2000 Databases
  • Implementing Windows 2000 Professional
  • Planning Windows 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure
  • Designing Security for Microsoft Server 2003
  • Managing and maintaining windows 2003 server Educative course 2005/2006.



Supervision of Students` Teaching Practice

worked as an Examiner for Post- graduate Students for Seminar Defence at Mushin

            Study Centre Mushin

            Participated in Departmental Ph.D Seminar

           Chairman of the committee who prepared the Departmental budget for the year 2020.

            Monitoring officer on NTI Teaching Practice North-West Zone (2019).

           Officiated as subject officer for marking during 2019_2 POP Examination in Kano

           Conference Marking Centre.










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Oparaduru, J.O. & Makinde, B.O. (In Press). Deviant Behaviours in Schools: Implication for

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Reading and Writing, Debating Society 

Sports (Sprint) 100m race; 200m race and 1500 Relay Race.



  • Special Academic Excellence Award on Capacity Building Conference for Private Schools in Lagos State from The Institute of Human and Natural Resources Garki Abuja. (29th March, 2005).


  • Award in Recognition of Dedicated and humble Service to the Progress of Ezeoke Welfare Association (EWA) Lagos Branch, Lagos State.
  • Outstanding services to the good people of Ezeoke community and humanity in general (27th December, 2018)





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