Dr. Maureen Chukwu

Dr. Maureen Chukwu

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I am Dr Maureen Chukwu, a Ph.D. graduate of University of Lagos. I am Ecologist and I am presently working with National Open University of Nigeria. Scientific research has been part of my career and presently I am the coordinator of Science Laboratories of this noble University. I have taught in science laboratory as a researcher in different capacities even while a graduate assistant.
The interest to always give meaning to research work has enabled me to venture into publication of the various scientific and research work. I have been carrying out individual and collaborative research works on environmental pollution, environmental degradation and environmental friendliness. These researches are in tune with the some problems most countries are facing regarding the environment.  The passion to be outstanding in my scientific research was rewarded when the immediate past Vice chancellor of the University wrote me a letter of commendation when a report of my work during my research leave in 2014 caught his attention.   I have attended many seminars, conferences and workshops as a facilitator or a presenter of scientific work both in Nigeria and abroad.
The motivation to always go for higher calling and challenges in research work cannot be ignored. The attributes and skills of a professional researcher are in me to make some positive impact in this institution. I am a teacher and a learner, a team leader, good in communication and documentation, able to work without supervision, creative, observant, respectful, resourceful, and a good time manager. 





  • Envigonmrntal Biology
  • Plant Physiology
  • Environmental protection
  • Envigonmental pollution
  • Climate change
  • Flooding
  • Coastai Erosion






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