Dr. Jacob Awoju Owolabi

Dr Jacob Awoju Owolabi

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Owolabi Jacob Awoju Ph.D was born in Ogori in Ogori / Magongo Local Government Area, Kogi State on the 8th December, 1953. He attended Saint Peter Primary School, Ogori, 1960 -1967. He obtained First School leaving Certificate in the year 1967. Owolabi attended Immanuel College of Theology between 1974 t0 1981. He obtained Diploma in Religious Studies, University of Ibadan(External) 1981 and Diploma in Theology 1983.He attended University of Ilorin between 1984 to 1988, obtained BA(Hons) Christian Studies, 1988. Owolabi attended Institute of Education, University of Ilorin, obtained Post Graduate Diploma in Education, 1991.He further attentended University of Ilorin 1995, obtained Masters of Arts,  in Christian Studies in 1995. He attended University of Ilorin, between 2001 to 2005, obtained ph.D in Christian Studies, 2005. Owolabi joined the National Open University of Nigeria in 2006. He was appointed Lecturer 2  in 2006. Owolabi was the pioneer lecturer / course Co-ordinator for both Christian Theology and Islam Studies. Owolabi was promoted to Lecturer 1 in January, 2008. He was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 1ST January, 2014. He wrote Course materials for  Diploma, undergraduate, Post Graduate Diploma, Masters and Doctoral Students.Owolabi  facilitates  and shoot video lectures for students, set TMA,examination questions and supervises students projects.

  • Faculty of Arts Representative in Servicom .
  • Faculty of Arts Representative on Academic Board of Faculty of Education.
  • Member, Faculty of Arts Board meeting
  •  Christian Theology  Co-ordinator
  • Church History
  • Christian Studies
  • Major Religious groups in Nigeria
  • Common Themes in Christianity and Isam.
  • Enhancing religious peace and Harmony in the Northern Nigeria.

Thesis and Dissertation

  1. Owolabi, A.J.(1987). The Role Divinities play in the life of Ogori People. Bachelor of Arts Project, Department of Religious, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria.
  2. Owolabi, A.J.(1989).The Application of Low-Cost Educational Technology in thecDevelopment Countries: Ilorin and Irepodun Local Government Areas In Nigeria. Post Graduate Diploma Dissertation, Department of Education, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria.
  3. Owolabi, A.J.(2005). The Growth of the Anglican Church in ‘Akoko – Kabba District Of Nigeria, 1920-1999. Doctor of Philosophy Dissertation, Department of Religious, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria.

Chapters in Books

  1. Owolabi, A.J.(2005). Evangelism and Discipleship in Tertiary Institutions. Ilorin: Goshen Print Media Limited. 1-62pp.                            
  2. Owolabi, A.J.(2007). The Roles of Africans in the Bible. Ilorin: Goshen Print Media Limited 1- 65pp.

 Peer Reviewed Journal Articles in Circulation

  1. Ige, A.E and Owolabi, A.J. (2012) cultural factor in the developmet paradigm of an African Society in the 21st century: an appraisal of the Ovia Osese Ceremony in Ogori land ry. Being a paper presented at the 3rd International Conference of African Studies in Pilsen, University of West Bohenmia in Pilsen Czech republic. Punished in the website pp. 1-14.
  2. Owolabi, A.J. (2014). Enhancing lasting Religious Peace and Harmony in the Northern Nigeria. International Journal Research in peace, gender and Development (JRPD) vol. 4 (4) Pp 70-79 http://www.interestingjournal.org
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NOUN Course Materials

  1. Owolabi, A.J.(2006). CTH 671 Research methods. Lagos: national Open University of Nigeria 1-58pp
  2. Owolabi, A.J.(2008). CTH 602 Common Themes in Christianity and Islam. Lagos. National Open University of Nigeria 1-88pp.
  3. Owolabi, A.J.(2008). CTH102 Major Religious Groups in Nigeria. Lagos: National Open University of Nigeria 1-71pp.
  4. Owolabi, A.J.(2008). CTH 271 Christainity in Nigeria. Lagos: Expand Ppress Limited 1-105pp.
  5. Owolabi, A.J.(2013). CTH211 Introduction to Bible. Lagos: expand Press Limited. 1-105pp.
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  7. Owolabi, A.J.(2012). CTH441 West African Church History. Lagos: Expand press Limited 1-156.
  8. Owolabi, A.J.(2015).CTH841Christanity and Colonialism in Nigeria.Lagos: National Open University of Nigeria.
  9. Owolabi, A.J. (2015).CTH832New Religious Movements in Africa.Lagos: National Open University of Nigeria.

 Selected Presentations at Conference Seminars/Workshops

  1. Owolabi, A.J. (2008). Open distance learning (ODL) as a strategy for Empowering prison inmates in Nigeria. At the 2nd Open and Distance learning for Sustainable Development, African Ccouncil for Distance Learning (ACE) conference, lagos, July 2009.
  2. Owolabi, A.J. (2010). Higher Education for Youth Empowerment:using E-Llearning for maximum Enhancement. In Education and Youth preparation for work and leardership in Sub-Saharan Africa, at the Nigeria Association for Education Administration and planning conference, Abuja, Nigeria, September, 2008.
  3. Owolabi, A.J.(2012). Food the Sustenance of Mankind: an Exegesis of Scriptural Account. At the Biotechnology Society of Nigeria Conference, Abuja, August 26th to 31st, 2012.
  4. Owolabi, A.J.(2012). Ovia Osese festival in Ogori land:challenges and way forward. One- Day. At the International Symposium on Ogori cultural and people, Ogori, Friday, 20th April, 2012.
  5. Owolabi, A.J.(2012). Dialogue as strategy for Resolution of Regious Conflicts in Northern Nigeria. Regional Training and Research Institute for Open and Distance Llearning, monthly research presentation Lagos, May 5th, 2014.

Member Hospital and Prison Ministry, Bishop Vinning Cathedral, Church, Ikeja, Lagos.