Dr. Funke Sussan Apata

Dr. Funke Sussan Apata

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Senior Lecturer

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I am a physics educator and Senior lecturer in National Open University of Nigeria, married to Professor David Friday Apata. We are blessed with four children. In the year 2011, I bagged my Ph.D in Science Education (Physics) from University of Ilorin. II am a researcher and a physics educator.





  • Course coordination
  • Departmental Examination officer
  • Faculty of Education representative in Faculty of Science.
  • Welfare officer for Science Educaation Department
  • A member of Seminar committee.





  • Numerical proficiency of physics students.
  • Teaching innovations in physics.





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Chief exerminer for NTI degree programme

Major Conferences Attended with Papers Read (in the last 5 years)

  1. 1st International Conference on e-Learning e-Education and Online Training (eLEOT 2014) at Bethesda, Mary land, United States. 18-20 September 2014.

Paper Read: Students’ attitude to social media: Implication for accessibility and usability need in distance education.


  1. 60th Annual Conference of Science Teachers Association of Nigeria.

at Rivers State University, Port Harcourt.14-19August, 2017

Paper Read: Physics teachers’ awareness of and attitude to innovative teaching      strategies: implication for capacity building in science and technology



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