Dr. BASSEY, Edwin Okpa


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Dr.  Bassey  Edwin Okpa is a senior lecturer - Educational Foundations-Educational  Psychology unit of the Faculty of education. He holds B.Sc. Education / Political Science, MPA. Public Administration,  M.Ed and Ph.D in Educational Psychology from Universities of Uyo and Calabar respectively. He has taught in Cross River University of technology and lastly in the Cross River State College of Education Akamkpa where he was a chief lecturer before transferring his service to National Open University of Nigeria in 2017, he is presently the director of Ikom Community Study Centre, National Open University of Nigeria.





Senior lecturer - Director





Educational Foundations-Educational 





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Conferences Attended:

1. 29th annual conference of the counselling Association of Nigeria held between 16th-19th Aug. 2005 at University of Calabar,Calabar.

2.  6th National Conference of the Nigerian Society for Education Psychologists held in University of Agriculture Makurdi between 7th - 15th October 2006.

3. 27th Annual Conference of the Association of Educational Assessment in Africa held in Yaounde, Cameroon between 24th - 28th August 2009.


4. 8th national Conference of Nigerian Society for education psychologist held between  6th to 10th November 2008 in Uthman Dan Fodio University Sokoto.

5. 11th national Conference of Nigerian Society for educational psychologist held at Benue State University Makurdi  between  3rd - 7th October 2011.

6. 30th Association for Educational Assessment Annual Conference held in Gaborone Botswana between 6th - 10th August, 2012.

7.  National mathematical capacity building workshop on computing statistical packages for Test/measurement teachers  held at National Mathematics Centre Abuja between 16th -20th,  Sept. 2013.

8. 14th Annual National Conference of Nigerian Society for educational psychologists held at the National Institute for Education Planning And Administration Ondo  between 8th - 11th October 2014.

9. The 32nd Association for Educational Assessment in Africa conference held in Livingstone, Zambia between  11th - 15th August 2014.

 10. 4th academic conference of COEASU South-South held at Isaac Boro COE Sagbana between  14th - 18th April 2015.

11. 3rd annual conference of the Institute of Education, University of Calabar,  held University of Calabar at October 21st-24th 2015.

12. 16th annual national Conference of the NISEP held at Imo State University owerri between 25th - 29th October 2016.

13. First annual International  conference of faculty of education Alex ekwueme federal University held between 23rd – 26th April 2018.

14. 17th annual national Conference of national Association for research and development held at Agbor between10th - 14th September 2018.

15. 4th International Conference of the African Graduate School of Management and leadership held at African Graduate School of Management and leadership Accra Ghana between11th – 15th June 2018.

16. 1st international Conference of the Faculty of Education, NOUN held at University Village-NOUN   between  Sept. 23rd – 27th 2019.

17. The 13th Annual Conference of Association for Education Assessment in Africa, held in Abuja between  5th – 9th August, 2019.







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