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Dr. Adam Gambo Saleh

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Adam Gambo Saleh was born in 1965 in Maiduguri, Borno State. He is Shuwa by tribe. He attended Yerwa Central Primary School, Maiduguri from 1970 -1977,  Government Science Secondary  School Potiskum 1977-1981 and  Borno College of Basic Studies from 1982-1985. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Library Science (BLS) from University of Maiduguri in1988, proceeded to Bayero University Kano for his Masters Degree (MLS) in1992 and Ph D Library and Information Science with specialization in Information Seeking Behaviour from International Islamic University, Malaysia in 1013. He started his teaching career with the University of Maiduguri in 1989 as a Graduate Assistant and rose to the rank of Senior Lecturer in 2013. Prior to his current appointment as the University Librarian, he served the National Institute for Legislative Studies (National Assembly, Abuja) as its Institute Librarian from 2014 - 2016. He is widely published in Local and International refereed journals and attended several conferences. He is a Chartered Librarian of Nigeria (CLN), an active member of Nigeria Library Association (NLA) and other several professional bodies. His area of research interest includes Information Seeking Behaviour, Library Automation and Library Literacy. He is married and blessed with 5 children. His hobbies include Badminton and Horse riding.





  • Day to day administration of the University Library.
  • Ensure effective Library services delivery.
  • Co-ordination of Library services.
  • Development of Library Policies.





  • Information Behaviour Studies.
  • Library Automation.
  • Library Literacy.





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